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So, what is it?

Purrfect Pal and Ruff Day are all-natural solutions used to redirect aggressive or anxious behavior in cats and dogs, respectively. Our products are comprised of plants, fruits, an essential oil or two, and an all-natural preservative. These ingredients are distilled into a water-based solution that you can spray anywhere your pet likes to hang out. As your pet inhales, aromatic compounds calm their mood.

What are the Ingredients?

Purrfect Pal is a water-based solution diffused with catnip, valerian root, black tea, thyme, banana, mango, slippery elm powder, lavender oil, and citric acid. While many of these ingredients are known to calm felines, some are included (like catnip) as extra "back-up" simply to redirect anxiety and aggression even if that means causing your cat to become playful and silly before calming down. Similarly, Ruff Day is comprised of catnip, valerian root, thyme, banana, mango, jasmine, chamomile, passion flower, lemon balm, catnip oil, lavender oil, and citric acid.

How does it work?

Purrfect Pal and Ruff Day works as an aromatic compound. The smell of the combined ingredients in Purrfect Pal or Ruff Day should aid in ridding your cat or dog of anxiety and aggressive behavior. Past case studies have shown it can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes before pets show signs of calm behavior. Most animals simply curl up and sleep for a few hours, but every pet is different and there is no way to know how yours will react until you give our products a try! You can spray Purrfect Pal or Ruff Day around a room, in your cats bed or cat tree, in their carrier, on your dogs collar, in your car, or even rub a little bit on the back of your pet's neck so it stays with them.

Do you accept returns?

You may request a refund for a damaged or broken product. Please return your product to Efoxen LLC within 2 weeks of your order being placed to receive your refund. Fill out a contact form on our home page for return address information.

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently, we are only shipping inside the United States. We are hoping to expand to other countries soon so please check back!

 Do you have wholesale pricing available?

Purrfect Pal and Ruff Day products can be bought for a wholesale price. Our pricing is scaled so the more bottles you purchase, the more savings you get! For wholesale pricing contact us through the contact page on our home page with your Tax ID Number and we will send you a list of promo codes each assigned to a number of bottles and the corresponding price. Then visit our products page and select the individual bottle of Purrfect Pal or Ruff Day and select the quantity you would like to order (based on the promo code).